PRESS RELEASE- Town of Dryden Negotiates Additional Incentives for Town Residents to Go Solar

Dryden, NY — Town of Dryden leaders are encouraging residents to take advantage of savings being offered to residents through community solar initiatives. Some offers are available on a limited-time basis and provide additional sign-up bonuses.

“Dryden is taking the lead in going solar, which is good for the planet and the local economy,” stated Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer. “With solar projects moving forward, the town is reminding residents that we all stand to benefit from the increased tax base, as well as access to cheaper power.”

The community solar assets in the town, soon to be in excess of 30 megawatts, are managed by Solar Farms New York. The projects represent the largest private sector investment in the town in decades. As the construction work has continued, Supervisor Leifer and Deputy Supervisor Dan Lamb have worked directly with Solar Farms New York to ensure that town residents make the most of this opportunity

for cleaner, renewable electricity.

According to Dan Lamb, “We wanted to do something special for our residents who welcomed solar into the community. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve negotiated a special arrangement with Solar Farms New York giving town residents, who become members, a better discount on their solar credits, as opposed to the company’s standard offer,” Lamb added.

This new offer provides a 10% discount to Town of Dryden residents. Dryden residents who previously signed up with Solar Farms New York are included and will receive the improved savings. Additionally, for each new sign-up, Solar Farms of New York has agreed to make a $100 donation to nonprofits located within the town. Details can be found at:

The Town of Dryden emphasizes that the results of this negotiation should not be construed as an exclusive endorsement of Solar Farms New York. Town residents are fortunate to have other offers to consider and the town welcomes and encourages other solar developers to offer similar benefits to residents.


Contact information:
Supervisor Jason Leifer: (240) 988-7988
Deputy Supervisor Dan Lamb: (607) 838-3638
Jeffrey Mayer, CEO, Solar Farms New York: (833) 877-7652