Town of Dryden Needs Community Input to Inform Town-Owned Internet Study

The Town of Dryden is conducting a study to determine the feasibility of creating a town-owned Internet service that would make high speed Internet available to its residents and businesses at an affordable cost. To inform this study, the Town of Dryden is conducting a survey of its residents to determine if High Speed Broadband is available to them and if so, whether it is affordable and sufficient for their needs.

While the national average of Internet download speeds is 50Mbps, many residents in rural New York State do not have access to that level of speed or Internet at all in some cases. The Town of Dryden is investigating the need for high speed Internet in our community and if our residents would be interested in and benefit from a 100Mbps Internet service, offered at below market price.

This is a great opportunity for you to provide your input and shape the Town of Dryden’s Policy so please take a few minutes and fill out this survey.