Town of Dryden
93 E. Main St. Dryden, NY 13053
DATE: June 7, 2019

Sealed bids for the furnishing of all labor and material necessary for the Replacement of S. George Road Bridge over Virgil Creek will be received by the Town of Dryden, 93 E. Main Street, Dryden, New York 13053, until 10:00 am local time July 2, 2019 at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Bids will be received for the following Contract:

Contract No. 1 – Replacement of S. George Road Bridge over Virgil Creek

This project involves the replacement of the existing five-span timber bridge with a new multiple steel girder single span bridge. This superstructure will be supported on a concrete integral abutment founded on driven steel H-piles. The bridge will be constructed on a similar horizontal alignment and the profile will be raised approximately 2.5 feet at the bridge. Approximately 425 feet of approach highway reconstruction will be required to tie in the proposed profile for the single span structure.

Contract Documents, including Advertisement For Bids, Information For Bidders, Labor and Employment, Additional Instructions, Bid Documents, Agreement, General Conditions, General Requirements, Specifications, Contract Drawings and any Addenda, may be examined at no expense at the following locations:

Town of Dryden
93 E. Main Street
Dryden, NY 13053

Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.
443 Electronics Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13088

Download instructions for the Contract Documents may be obtained from Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C., by providing a valid email address to

Each bid must be accompanied by security in an amount not less than five percentum (5%) of the amount of the bid in the form and subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders. No Bidder may withdraw his bid within forty-five (45) days after the actual date of opening thereof.

This is an exempt capital improvement project, and Bidders shall not include in their bid sales and compensating use taxes on the cost of materials which are to be incorporated into the work and which are to be separately sold by the Contractor to the Town prior to incorporation into the work of the Contract.

The attention of Bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the Contract.

The right is reserved to waive any informalities in the Bid and to reject any or all Bids.