1. Summary:

The Town of Dryden is accepting proposals for the position of Dog Control Officer.


  1. Proposal Guidelines and Requirements:

Proposals must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office no later than July 31, 2021.

Please include:

  1. any personal information or experience pertinent to this position.
  2. contact information or letters of recommendation from a minimum of three references.


  1. Contract Terms:

The Contract will commence on January 1, 2022 and continue to December 31, 2022. At the option of the Town the contract may be extended for up to (4) four additional years.


  1. Description of duties:

The Dog Control Officer shall enforce the provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Law and the Town of Dryden Dog Control Ordinance, including:

  • Seize and impound unlicensed dogs and dogs running at large as defined by the Town of Dryden Dog Control Ordinance.
  • Provide proper shelter, care, feed, exercise and water for such dogs for the minimum redemption period required by the Agriculture and Markets Law.
  • Maintain seizure, care and adoption/redemption reports, and such other reports as required by Agriculture & Markets and by the Town.
  • Provide a monthly report of activities to the Town.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service.
  • Maintain regular business hours daily (Monday – Friday, except legal holidays) and by appointment for the redemption and adoption of dogs.
  • Supply, provide and administer proper veterinary care.
  • Humanely destroy or dispose of seized dogs not redeemed or adopted.
  • Make dogs available for redemption by owner or adoption for a period of time equal to or greater than the minimum redemption period required by law.
  • Ensure that all dogs are properly licensed at the time they are adopted or redeemed.
  • Collect impound fees and remit the same to the Town within 48 hours of payment.
  • Respond to complaints from the public regarding dog nuisance or dogs at large with “talk to owners” as a first response to any complaint.
  • Issue appearance tickets and participate in court proceedings as necessary, including preparation of reports, providing information, testimony and evidence. (The town attorney will be responsible for handling the prosecution of dangerous dog proceedings, and the Dog Control Officer shall notify the town attorney of any such proceeding.)
  • Serve appearance tickets prepared by the Town Clerk on dog owners who have failed to renew their dog license.
  • Provide a certificate of insurance evidencing commercial general liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 naming the Town as an additional insured.
  • Provide such other services as reasonably required to enforce the provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Law and the Town of Dryden Dog Control Ordinance.


  1. Compensation:

The Dryden DCO will be paid on a monthly basis. Please include your anticipated rate of compensation.


Please mail or deliver proposals to:

Dryden Town Clerk’s Office
93 East Main Street
Dryden, NY 13053

Or via email to