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Your Input is NEEDED! Are You Happy with Your Internet? Public Broadband Study

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO TAKE THE INTERNET SURVEY Town of Dryden Needs Community Input to Inform Town-Owned Internet Study The Town of Dryden is conducting a study to determine the feasibility of creating a town-owned Internet service that would make high speed Internet available to its residents and businesses at an affordable cost. To inform this study, the Town of Dryden is conducting a survey of its residents to determine if High Speed Broadband is available to them and if so, whether it is affordable and sufficient for their needs. While the national average of Internet download speeds is 50Mbps, many residents in rural New York State do not have access to that level of speed or Internet at all in some cases. The Town of Dryden is investigating the need for high speed Internet in our community and if our residents would be interested in and benefit from a 100Mbps Internet service, offered at below market price. This is a great opportunity for you to provide your input and shape the Town of Dryden’s Policy so please take a few minutes and fill out this survey.  ...

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Town of Dryden Wins $1.5 Million Grant for Dryden Rail Trail

April 25, 2019   For Immediate Release   Town of Dryden Wins $1.5 Million Grant for Dryden Rail Trail   (Dryden, NY) The Town of Dryden received notice today that its application for $1.5 million for the Dryden Rail Trail has been awarded through the New York State Transportation Enhancement program.  Dryden was one of six successful applicants from the Southern Tier in this highly competitive program.   The funds will be used to construct a pedestrian bridge over Rt. 13 near the Rt. 366 intersection.   The pedestrian bridge over Rt. 13 is a vital component of the rail trail project.  It has stood out as the most challenging physical obstacle to completing the project.  The funding will also be used to finish three miles of trail surface with stone dust to ADA compliance.   “We’re thrilled with the award and pleased that the Governor sees what we see, this is game changer for the town of Dryden,” stated Supervisor Jason Liefer.   Todd Bittner, Task Force member and Natural Areas Director at the Cornell Botanic Gardens noted, “The State grant funding is indicative of the broad community support behind the development of the rail trail, which will help reduce commuter generated carbon emissions, enhance access to nature, and stimulate tourism and the local economy.”   Bitner played a key role in developing the grant application.   “The Rail Trail demonstrates...

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Town of Dryden Negotiates Additional Incentives for Town Residents to Go Solar

PRESS RELEASE- Town of Dryden Negotiates Additional Incentives for Town Residents to Go Solar Dryden, NY — Town of Dryden leaders are encouraging residents to take advantage of savings being offered to residents through community solar initiatives. Some offers are available on a limited-time basis and provide additional sign-up bonuses. “Dryden is taking the lead in going solar, which is good for the planet and the local economy,” stated Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer. “With solar projects moving forward, the town is reminding residents that we all stand to benefit from the increased tax base, as well as access to cheaper power.” The community solar assets in the town, soon to be in excess of 30 megawatts, are managed by Solar Farms New York. The projects represent the largest private sector investment in the town in decades. As the construction work has continued, Supervisor Leifer and Deputy Supervisor Dan Lamb have worked directly with Solar Farms New York to ensure that town residents make the most of this opportunity for cleaner, renewable electricity. According to Dan Lamb, “We wanted to do something special for our residents who welcomed solar into the community. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve negotiated a special arrangement with Solar Farms New York giving town residents, who become members, a better discount on their solar credits, as opposed to the company’s standard offer,” Lamb added....

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