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Author: Joy Foster

NEW – Short Term Rental Law

    New Short-Term Rental Law in Effect in Town of Dryden Dryden, N.Y. – The Town of Dryden has a new law in place legalizing short-term rentals, also known as Airbnb’s, and setting baseline standards for their operation.  The law defines what constitutes a short-term rental, limits the number of days property owners may be absent from their property, and requires all such operators to register with the town to ensure compliance.  Town officials estimate that there are currently up to 300 short-term rentals in the town. “Although there are a growing number of these small businesses in the Town of Dryden, our current zoning law doesn’t actually permit them,” stated Deputy Supervisor Dan Lamb.  “We wanted to ensure that there’s a framework in place that allows these entrepreneurs to operate effectively, without negatively impacting the community.” The town board sought guidance from the town’s planning board in drafting the proposed law.  Over a year was spent researching actions in other municipalities and working to craft a law that fit Dryden’s unique needs.  “We’re very grateful to the planning board, particularly board member Tony Salerno, for their help in addressing this matter,” added Lamb. The new law requires operators of short-term rentals, to register with the town.   A simple application is available on the town’s website.  The registration lasts for 2 years and carries a $90 fee.  To...

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TCAT’s new TConnect

 TCAT’s new TConnect service in Lansing. Here is the link to the TConnect page, which includes the video tutorial of how to use the app Tconnect Direct mailer...

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