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Conservation Board


Staff Liaison:        
Ray Burger, Director of Planning

Town Board Liaison:
Kathy Servoss
Dan Lamb, Alternate


Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan

Taken from DEC Website:
This Unit Management Plan (UMP) has been developed to strategically guide the management activities on the State Forests in the Twin Sheds Unit for the next 20 years, with a review scheduled after 10 years. The 5,002 acre Unit is comprised of the Hammond Hill and Yellow Barn State Forests. Covering about 8 square miles, the Forests are located in the Tompkins County towns of Caroline and Dryden. This Unit Management Plan has been named “Twin Sheds” as the State Forests in the Unit lay within two watersheds. The northern part of the Unit flows north into the Greater Lake Ontario basin and the southern portion flows into the Susquehanna River Basin.

The Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan (UMP) is based on a long range vision for the management of Hammond Hill and Yellow Barn State Forests, balancing long-term ecosystem health with current and future demands. This Plan addresses management activities on this unit for the next ten years, though some management recommendations will extend beyond the ten year period. Factors such as budget constraints, wood product markets and forest health problems may necessitate deviations from the scheduled management activities

Conservation Board Comments on Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan

Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan Website

NYSDEC Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan Documents:


Conservation Board Members

There are 9 members on the Conservation Board. CB Members serve three (3) year terms.  This is a little different than the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals who each have one member expiring per year.

Current members and their term expiration year:
Bob Beck, Chair (2018)
Charles Smith (2018)
Milo Richmond (2018)
Peter Davies (2018)
Steve Bissen (2018)
Nancy Munkenbeck (2016)
Craig Schutt (2016)
Gian Dodici (2016)
Jeremy Sherman (2016)

Meetings are open to the public and are held at 7:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month in the Dryden Town Hall. Some minutes are available online. The official minutes are kept in the Town Clerk’s office.

The Town of Dryden established the Conservation Advisory Commission to assist the Town Board and staff in the creation and implementation of plans and policies related to environmental protection and management, open space, natural areas, and agriculture. Now designated as a Conservation Board by Local Law #1 of 2004 this advisory body also provides environmental review of project applications and town actions when referred by Town Reviewing Boards or Staff.

The Town Board approved the Rules and Procedures for the Conservation Board on February 16, 2012. These Rules and Procedures were created by the Conservation Board in accordance with the Local Law creating this board.


CEA Review Documents

The Town Board has asked the Conservation Board to review the CEAs in the context of the basic concerns of the public, as well as technical concerns realized in December of 2011.


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