CEA Procedure

The Town Board has asked the Conservation Board to review the CEAs in the context of the basic concerns of the public, as well as technical concerns realized in December of 2011.   The basic public concerns are:

1. Boundaries – Are they too arbitrary and not concise enough?

2. Evidence or Justification – All CEAs should show how they meet at least one of the SEQRA criteria.

3. Public Notice – All affected property owners should be noticed of the public hearing for CEAs being designated on their property.

4. Agricultural Concerns – Although SEQRA review does not apply to Agricultural Operations as defined in 6 NYCRR 617 (SEQRA), people believe it does and so this needs to be communicated better.

The Conservation Board is to quickly review and refine the proposed CEAs and revisions recommended by the Planning Department within an expanded report.  The CB, with help from the Planning Department, will assign attributes to the criteria as described in6NYCRR617 for establishment of CEAs.  The boundaries may be modified as the CB and Planning Department see appropriate.

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  Conser. Board Review Documents |Town Board Review Documents | Original CEA Documents


Town Board Referrals

The Conservation Board will review and recommend to the Town Board as many CEAs as possible by December of 2012.  The CB may hold back recommendations on those CEAs that they collectively feel are not ready for the Town Board to consider for designation. If a CEA is held back the CB will put it at the bottom of the list so that as many CEAs can return to the Town Board for consideration assoon as possible.  The Town Board will then initiate a review process including property owner notification and a public hearing for each CEA.

The Planning Department’s initial review of CEAs suggests that only a handful (about seven) of the first 26 CEAs will be drop to the bottom of the list, with maybe one of those being deleted. Two will be deleted, as they are located in a Village. And CEAs 27-31 will require more time, but are already at the bottom of the list. This will result in some months having more CEAs to review than others. In the end it should enable about 17 CEAs to be gradually considered by the Town Board by August. At that time the Town Board can determine the appropriate schedule and public process. CEAs SC 1,2,3,4, the stream corridors, should be tabled, and considered in the context of the Open Space Plan and alternative policies evaluated.

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Remapped CEAs (11/1/2012)

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Conservation Board CEA Review Documents


CEAs Requiring Further Review


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Town Board CEA Public Hearing-


Adopted July 19, 2012

Public Hearing September 6, 2012

Public Hearing anticipated on TBD


Town Board CEA Review Documents

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Original CEA Documents

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