Friday, September 22, 2017

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Rail Trail Task Force

Chair – Bob Beck         Vice Chair – Bruno Schickel



Four easement agreements were delivered to Dryden Town Hall – three from Varna and one from Freeville.

Picture is Pat Foote (middle) from William George Agency, with Bruno Schickel (on the left) and Bob Beck (on the right) being handed the signed and notarized Trail Easement Agreement. 

This easement will allow us to complete the trail section from the Village of Dryden to the Village of Freeville.  Chairman Bob Beck and Vice-Chair Bruno Schickel, from the Dryden Rail Trail Task Force are very grateful to the William George Agency, and specifically Pat Foote, the Facilities Director at the William George Agency, for their sustained and enthusiastic support of this project.

easement pix

                   Rail-Trail Supporters 

 Next Meeting : Wed. September 20, 2017  at the Town DPW (Department of Public Works)

61 East Main Street, Dryden NY

7:00 PM

To link to Rail Trail meeting minutes, click here!

     4 members from Town “committees”

John Kiefer  Planning Board

David Bravo-Cullen  DRYC

Steve Foote  Ag Advisory Committee

Bob Beck  Conservation Board             

     7 from the “community”Rail pix

Todd Bittner

David Fogel

Alice Walsh Green

Nancy Kleinrock

Judy Pierpont

Bruno Schickel

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes


Rail-trail intro handout  7_14_16

 DesignConnect_Dryden_final report 5_2015

Tompkins Priority Trails Strategy 1-9-14



Dryden Trail Overview map

dryden_trail_map1 Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map2_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map3_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map4_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map5_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map6_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map7_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map8_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map9_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map10_Nov. 16

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