Chair – Bob Beck         Vice Chair – Bruno Schickel


 Next Meeting : Monday March 19, 2018

 at the Varna Community Center

943 Dryden Road, Varna 

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Agenda:  Rail-Trail Agenda-March 19, 2018

To link to Rail Trail meeting minutes, click here!

     4 members from Town “committees”

John Kiefer  Planning Board

David Bravo-Cullen  DRYC

Steve Foote  Ag Advisory Committee

Bob Beck  Conservation Board             

     7 from the “community”Rail pix

Todd Bittner

David Fogel

Alice Walsh Green

Nancy Kleinrock

Judy Pierpont

Bruno Schickel

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes


Rail-trail intro handout  7_14_16

 DesignConnect_Dryden_final report 5_2015

Tompkins Priority Trails Strategy 1-9-14



Dryden Trail Overview map

dryden_trail_map1 Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map2_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map3_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map4_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map5_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map6_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map7_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map8_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map9_Nov. 16

dryden_trail_map10_Nov. 16

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