At our New Rail Trail kiosk at Main Street in Dryden: Thanks to Alice Green for organizing this photo op today. Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and to the Villages of Freeville and Dryden for their steadfast support. And special thanks to AARP for the generous support that made three kiosks and seven benches possible to help make this community a great place for all ages.


Front row l-to-r: Mike Murphy (Mayor, Village of Dryden), Milo Richmond, Vikki Armstrong, David Keifer, Alice Green (Dryden Town Board), Jim Miner (Santa), Bruno Schickel, Amy Dickinson. Back row l-to-r: Gwen Beck, Bob Beck, Dan Lamb (Dryden Town Board), Dan Wakeman (Trustee, Village of Dryden), Dean Russo, Mike Lane (Tompkins County Legislature), David Fogel (Mayor, Village of Freeville), David Bravo-Cullen


Bob Beck, Chair of the Task Force


Dryden Rail Trail Meeting


December 16, 2019

7:00 pm

Dryden Town DPW

61 East Main St. Dryden

(all are welcome)



Agenda: to follow


To link to Rail Trail meeting minutes, click here!

 2 members from Town committees:

  1. John Kiefer  Planning Board
  2. Bob Beck Conservation Board

7 members from the community:

  1. Todd Bittner
  2. David Fogel
  3. Judy Pierpont
  4. Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
  5. Susan Ashdown
  6. Steve Winans
  7. Rosalie Borzik


Time Sheet for Volunteer Rail Trail Work

Rail Trail intro handout Rev-06-2018

 DesignConnect_Dryden_final report 5_2015

Tompkins Priority Trails Strategy 1-9-14



Dryden Trail Overview map

Rail Trail maps–Game Farm Rd to Dryden Village

Dryden Trail Maintenance Guidelines 2015

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