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2014 Town Board Minutes

The official copy of the Town Board minutes are available at the Town Clerk’s Office. These minutes may differ from the official minutes in formatting or spelling.

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TB 1-2-14 pdf
TB 1-9-14 pdf
TB 1-16-14 pdf
TB 2-20-14 pdf
TB 3-13-14 pdf
TB 3-20-14pdf
TB 4-10-14 pdf
TB 4-17-14 pdf
TB 5-8-14 pdf
TB 5-15-14 pdf
TB 5-29-14pdf
TB 6-12-14 pdf
TB 6-19-14 pdf
TB 7-10-14 pdf
TB 7-17-14pdf
TB 8-14-14 pdf
TB 8-21-14 pdf
TB 9-11-14 pdf
TB 9-18-14 pdf
TB 10-9-14 pdf
TB 10-16-14 pdf
TB 11-6-14attpdf
TB 11-13-14pdf
TB 11-20-14att pdf
TB 12-11-14 pdf
TB 12-18-14att pdf



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Department Extensions:
Town Court- ext1
Planning-Code- ext2
Town Clerk- ext3
Recreation- ext4
Highway-DPW- ext5
Town Supervisor- ext6
Bookkeeping-Personnel- ext7