Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Contact Us

By Mail: Town of Dryden

93 East Main Street

Dryden NY 13053

By phone: (607) 844-8888, then

Press 1 for Court

Press 2 for Zoning/Planning

Press 3 for Town Clerk

Press 4 for Recreation Department

Press 5 for Highway/DPW

Press 6 for Town Supervisor

Press 7 for Bookkeeper/Personnel Department

By email:

Supervisor: Supervisor@dryden.ny.us

Town Clerk: Townclerk@dryden.ny.us

Recreation Department: Recreation@dryden.ny.us

Planning/Zoning Office: Planning@dryden.ny.us

Bookkeeper/Human Resources: Bookkeeper@dryden.ny.us

In Person:

From the main four corners of Dryden (where Routes 13, 38 and 392 meet), go east on Route 392/ East Main Street. The Town Hall is on the left.


P: 607-844-8888 
F: multiple - check with the department 

Department Extensions:
Town Court- ext1
Planning-Code- ext2
Town Clerk- ext3
Recreation- ext4
Highway-DPW- ext5
Town Supervisor- ext6
Bookkeeping-Personnel- ext7