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Contact Information:

Rick Young – Highway / DPW Superintendent – email:

Ron Senecal – Deputy Highway Superintendent
Christopher Clauson – Deputy DPW Superintendent

Katelyn Rich – Secretary to the Highway Superintendent – email:

Because of the Governor’s directives the Highway/ DPW  Department is working on an amended schedule until at least April 1, 2020.  The Department is still providing essential snow removal services, maintenance, conducting water monitoring for our water districts, and responding to emergencies.  Employees are working on staggered shifts and practicing social distancing as recommended by the Tompkins County Health Department when they are working.


Jason Leifer, Supervisor
(607) 844-8888 ext. 227


The Town of Dryden is the largest township in Tompkins County in road miles and one of the largest in the state outside of New York City. There are 159 named town roads in the Town making a total of 239.68 lane miles of town highways. In the winter, under contract to Tompkins County, we plow and sand approximately a .65 mile section of county road (Gulf Hill Road). The Town also plows and sands small sections of roads for the following Towns: Caroline, Ithaca, Virgil, and the following Villages: Dryden, Freeville, Lansing.

Roads will be monitored 24 hours a day by law enforcement personnel. When bad weather is expected, the Highway Supt and Deputy Highway Supt, will also be checking the roads. Our goal is to maintain a passable road by plowing and sanding. Motorist should not expect Town roads to be bare when temperatures are below 32 degrees. Drifting snow on windy days is difficult to keep clear when snow has accumulated along the side of the road. Hard & black ice conditions take longer to maintain because snowplow trucks have to drive slower to avoid sliding off the road. Occasionally, mechanical breakdowns, severe weather conditions, and employees becoming ill do slow us down. Motorist should use winter tires or a new set of all season tires during winter months. Please slow down and drive accordingly to the condition of the road.

B2 - Snow Removal, Star Stanton Road, Blizzard of 1993

B2 – Snow Removal, Star Stanton Road, Blizzard of 1993


  • Vehicles or equipment should not be parked on ANY town highways or turnarounds from November 1 – April 30! VEHICLES OR EQUIPMENT MAY BE TOWED AND WILL BE AT OWNERS EXPENSE!
  • It is illegal to remove, shovel, plow, snow blow snow from private driveways across or in the highway. Offenders may be ticketed for creating a hazard to motorist including the Town of Dryden Snowplow operators. If you’ve observed a person doing this please call the Sheriffs Department at 257-1345.
  • The Town Highway policy is not to replace or repair mailboxes damaged by the impact of snow when plowing or because of snow removal. Refer to County Law section 6 and Highway Law section 319 – Snow Removal From Highway.
    • To minimize the risk of damage:
      • 1) The mailbox, including support arm, should have a minimum clearance of 41” above the road side shoulder,
      • 2) The front of the mailbox should not extend beyond the edge of the shoulder.
      • 3) The mailbox post should be a minimum of 16′ from the center of the road.
      • 4) Mailbox should be clearly visible.

Mailboxes properly installed and maintained are generally not in conflict with snow and ice removal. Mailbox assembly shall not be constructed or installed in a manner that interferes with routine snow removal or in a manner, which clearly presents an unacceptable risk to snow removal operations or the traveling public.

Planned 2020 Road Improvements Include:

  • 284 Agreement will be posted soon.

There will be money spent on other town highways as needed to maintain a safe driving surface.

Note: all work is subject to change depending on weather conditions, unexpected winter road damage, and material cost increases.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about a Town road, please call my office at: 844-8888, option 5. E-mail address:


Moving Dirt?  Prior to beginning any land development activity, a ‘Notice of Ground Disturbance’ Form must be submitted to the Stormwater Management Officer.  The form can be found here.    Additional information can be found here: Stormwater Management


History of the Highway Department – (years before 1935 may be inaccurate)

Former Highway Superintendents:  G. E. Mineah (1915-1921), John Munsey (1922), Frank Ellis (1923 – 1925), George E. Mineah (1926 -1932), Lee Stevens (1933-1934), Stacey Beach (1935 – 1961), Richard C. Case (1961-1975), Gregory Humphrey (1975-1987), Donald Gilbert (1987-1999), Jack A. Bush (2000-2013).

Former Deputy Highway Superintendent: John (Jack) Park ( 1976-1995), Randy Riker (1995 -1998), Jack A. Bush (1999) W. Mark Sutton (2000-2004), Randy Riker (2004 – 2012).

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