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Hon. Christopher Clauson
Court: Monday @ 5:00 PM
Town Justice since 1992

Hon. Jules Ravo
Court: Wednesday @ 5:00 PM
Town Justice since 2014

Debra Smiley, Senior Clerk
Deborah Gallagher

(607) 844-8888 option 1
(607) 844-9358

Town of Dryden Court

The Dryden Town Court is secured by a peace officer and a walk through and handwand metal detector/screening.

Court sessions begin with the judge hearing all traffic, criminal, and summary proceeding/civil cases.

After regular session, special schedule small claims and trials are heard.

Other special hearings and trials are scheduled throughout the week according to judge, prosecutor, and attorney availability and state-mandated time schedule.


Fines are assessed by the judge
Surcharges are mandated by the State of New York
(varies per degree of offense)

Up to$1,000.00 : File Fee $10.00
Between $1,000.00 and $3,000.00 (maximum)  : File Fee $15.00

$20.00 File Fee

A monthly audit of reported cases is sent to the New York State Office of Court Administrator.  (All monies collected are given to the chief administrator/town supervisor by the 11th day of every month following the reporting month.)

Bail money is retained in a non-interest bearing account for each judge until a case is disposed or released by the judge.

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P: 607-844-8888 
F: multiple - check with the department 

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Town Court- ext1
Planning-Code- ext2
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