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With the recently acquired lidar data we can now create an accurate representation of the earth’s surface with the help of GIS software.  The images below are examples of the amazing things that can be accomplished with this data and software.


Surface Analysis:

 The terrain model represents the elevations (green- lower elevation, white- higher elevation) in Dryden.  The terrain seen below is a product that was created from the lidar data.  Watershed, flood zone, and percent slope are examples of other analysis that can be created from lidar.



Oblique Perspective:

This 3D scene shows TC3, Dryden Town Hall, Route 13, Route 392, and the Little Creek Mobile Home Park.  This scene uses orthophotos draped over elevation data to turn flat images into peaks and valleys.  
To represent the buildings (gold colored boxes) in the scene below estimates of building heights, locations, and footprints were used.  


 Line of Sight Analysis:

This 3D scene is demonstrating how visible a cell phone tower is in this location.  Line of sight analysis can help the town board members understand a potential project and visually see how the final product will look. 




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