Keeping a proper chlorine level in your pool water is important to the cleanliness of your water and the health of your family.  When properly disposing of the pool water when draining, you must first dechlorinate it to avoid contaminating the soil and water sources on your property.

How to Dechlorinate Pool Water:
Step 1
Determine which day you are going to drain the pool. Regardless, of the method of dechlorination you use, it will take a few days to complete the process, so plan to do so when you have a few days time to complete it.

Step 2
Consider NATURAL dechlorination. The sun naturally breaks down chlorine. To utilize this method, you need to take out whatever chlorine-based chemicals you are using in the pool and allow the sun to shine onto the water for approximately four days before draining.

Step 3
Use chlorine-countering chemicals to neutralize the water before draining. There are many chemicals available to de-chlorinate your pool. One popular dechlorinator contains sodium thiosulphate.

Step 4
Read the dechlorinator instructions carefully. First, test the level of chlorine in your pool and know
how many of gallons of water are in the pool. This will tell you how much of the dechlorinator you
will need. An example, if you have a 20,000 gallon pool and your reading of chlorine is 2 parts per million, you need 450 grams of dechlorinator. Mix the declorinator in a bucket of warm water and distribute evenly throughout the pool water. Let the water cycle twice before re-testing.