Hamlet of Varna Community Development Plan would address:

Potential development and redevelopment of all properties within predetermined density targets and developing alternatives for each, or combined, properties; Measure a “carrying capacity” for development in the hamlet relative to water, sewer and traffic impacts (and possibly energy usage) and then set limits and/or mitigation measures necessary to accommodate development and provide or describe systems that would enable the use of mitigation fees for proposed development to pay for the necessary improvements and upgrades to infrastructure as a result of development relative to proportional share; model (visually and numerically) different development alternatives, as well as what changes would be necessary to create a walkable Route 366 and commercial and residential districts, identify the tools and policies needed to implement the vision and plan for the community (including form based codes, redevelopment grants, beautification grants etc.).

Through this process, the town will “front load” conflict in order to flush out the current issues, and then work to measure and develop mitigation techniques for development whatever they may be.  This plan will not only accommodate development, but will hopefully spur owners of property forward in realizing their development plans.  This will at the same time meet the goals of the town, county and Cornell to create housing options for the projected growth over the next ten to twenty years.