Updated Proposed Zoning Law Document (Proposed Zoning Draft B, 9/21/2011)

Final Draft Map (September 2011)

Planning Board Recommendations for Proposed Zoning Law

Property Subdivision Local Law


Sound Performance Standards (Adopted April 20th 2011, by Resolution #90)
The Town of Dryden has a compelling interest in ensuring for its residents an environment free from excessive noise from industrial or commercial uses which may jeopardize their health or welfare or degrade the quality of life.  The prohibitions of this article are intended to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety , welfare and quality of life for resident of the town through the reduction, control and prevention of such loud and unreasonable noise.


Previous Versions: Proposed Zoning Law

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Proposed Zoning with new Neighborhood Residential District:  Updated Proposed Law

The purpose of the Neighborhood Residential (NR) District is to define residentially developed areas of the town where established neighborhoods situated in a rural landscape constitute the primary land use. Single family homes are the predominant form of development, and future development in any way is unlikely.  Home Occupations make up the only commercial activity in this district.  Agriculture is allowed, but is generally infeasible to any large extent.



September  2010



Proposed Zoning: MAP
This proposed law is a revision of the law released for public review by the Planning Board in January 2010. It incorporates many changes in response to both public comments as well as the work of the Zoning Law Task Force. The Zoning Law Task Force met in December 2009 and January 2010 and further refined many items in the original draft law.




July 2010



Below you will find multiple versions of the proposed local law, and the maps as well as other resources.

Comments from July 22, 2010 meeting

UPDATED Proposed Zoning Law & Map:

  • September 2011 Proposed Zoning Local Law Revision ( PDF)
  • September 2011 Proposed Zoning Local Law Map Revision (PDF)

Previous Proposed Zoning Law & Map:

  • July 2010 Proposed Zoning Local Law Revision#1 (PDF)
  • July 2010 Proposed Zoning Local Law Map Revision#1 (PDF)
  • September 2009 Draft Zoning Code(PDF) .
  • December 2009 Draft Zoning Map(PDF).

The above files are PDF documents, you can download a free PDF reader here.  Check out the Mapping-GIS page for more maps of the Town of Dryden.

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Proposed Zoning Summary of Changes

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Summary of major changes:

1. Changed references to Zoning Officer to Planning Department, kept some references to CEO where appropriate. This change eliminates the Zoning Officer which was a common way that communities assigned a person to handle zoning permits and reviews. The more common practice now is for these duties to fall the to the CEO. Dryden is fortunate to have more staff, and so in many cases it makes more sense for an application to go to a department rather for review rather than one person, and the manager of that department making the decision of what staff will handle which elements of review. This change should improve the quality of staff reviews, a benefit to the reviewing board as well as the applicant.

2. Definitions – Added some, tweaked some. Nothing substantially changed, just clarifications.

3. Changed all Special Permit references to Special Use Permit which is the appropriate term.

4. Map Changes – The most significant changes were made to the map. The Hamlet zone is now restricted to the Varna area. This zone really requires water and sewer systems for proper implementation, and so Etna and McLean were not included. On a related note, the Optional Traditional Neighborhood Overlay was plotted over the central area of Etna and areas outside the Village of Dryden. Commercial changes were applied to those areas that make sense for a mix of uses.

5. Changed Special Use Permit review to the Town Board who will also perform Site Plan Review on those projects that they issue a Special Use Permit on and made the Planning Board responsible for the uses of right that require Site Plan Review but not Special Use Permit.

6. Several additions and deletions to the density sections, 600′s. Added density tables for Commercial and Hamlet, eliminated the sliding scale density for Conservation and refined the process

7. For now, eliminated the Mobile Home Park laws at the end of the document as they are obsolete. The Mobile Home Park Ordinance will likely be changed to a detached multi-family development (rental) standards section and reinserted into the law.


Proposed Zoning Comments

Response to Comments

Many comments were received in various formats up until July 7, 2010. All of these comments were presented to the Planning Board, and then were summarized for common themes, and responded to in the document found from the link above. All of the comments were given full consideration, and have been invaluable in refining some things, discarding others, and ultimately making the law more effective. The responses to comments in this document were prepared by Environmental Planner Dan Kwasnowski. Some comments broached the theoretical underpinnings of zoning, and rather than avoid the questions, Dan took them on, but tried to keep it brief. One of the advantages of local government is the ability to have this type of discourse, but still move forward. Questions and discussions about the future land use in Dryden have been occurring for at least the last fifty years, see the map on the right from the 1966 General Plan, and aside from the arterial 4 lane highway one can see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here are the comments from the public meetings:
Comments from January 26, 2010 meeting.

Comments from July 22, 2010 meeting.


Mapping Criteria (PDF)