Preliminary 2021 Budget

2020 Adopted Budget
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Budget Schedule:

  • By September 1
    – Budget officer furnishes department heads with estimate forms to complete and return.
  • On or before September 20
    – Budget officer prepares estimate for each unit not submitting an estimate.
  • No later than September 30
    – Budget officer files tentative budget with town clerk
  • On or before October 5
    – Town Clerk submits tentative budget to Town Board
  • Revisions by Town Board and preparation of preliminary budget before public hearing
  • Notice of public hearing(s) at least 5 days before hearing(s)
  • Public Hearing on or before the Thursday immediately following the general election. The hearing may be adjourned from day to day but not beyond November 15
  • Final revision of preliminary budget – after public hearing but before adoption
  • Adoption of budget – no later than November 20