Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to own a specific kind of business to apply?

No! Any business is eligible to apply for loan funding, though preference will be given to businesses that create or retain jobs and benefit people of low and medium income.

I live in Dryden but I’m not a business owner—why does this matter to me?

As part of establishing the RLF, Dryden administrators will be conducting needs assessment surveys to see what kind of businesses residents think are the biggest priorities for economic growth and success. You can find a feedback form on the Dryden Town website.

I don’t live in Dryden, but my business is located there, am I eligible?

Yes! As long as your business falls within the town lines, you are eligible for loan funding.

Does any of the RLF come from local taxpayer money?

No. The RLF is strictly funded from a federal development grant.