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Varna Community Development Plan Document

On December 20, the Town Board adopted the Varna Plan and Zoning amendments which include the Design Guidelines, Landscape Standards and zoning map.
Through a comprehensive planning process that involved working with town boards, an advisory group, and the general public, the Varna Community Development Plan presents a road-map and detailed vision for the future of the community, and provides for a more informed consideration of future development proposals.
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In 2005 The Dryden Planning Board composed a comprehensive development plan for the Town of Dryden. Subsequently, in the Dryden community recognized the need for a plan that is unique to developing the hamlet of Varna. According to Jane Nicholson, AICP Planner, of the Dryden Planning Department, “the Comprehensive Plan is essentially a framework that helps guide the community over period of ten to twenty years. Once a Comprehensive Plan is complete, it is up to the community to implement it. In the case of Varna, it was recognized by the town that with increasing development pressures in the Varna vicinity and availability of water/sewer, that Varna required its own plan. Additionally, there would be a zoning amendment that would help the community grow and develop while maintaining its character.”

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