Volunteer Board Application

DRYDEN, NY 13053

Please type or print in black ink

Name_________________________________________________ Telephone Home_______________________

Address_________________________________________________________ Cell_________________________

_______________________________________________________________ Work________________________

Email Address ______________________________________ Length of residence in Town of Dryden __________

Occupation _____________________________________________________________________________________

Relevant experience and community affiliations:





Please feel free to attach a resume or other documentation you believe may be pertinent.

Do you have a preference for which or commission you would like to serve on? (if more than one, rank your preferences 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

______ Planning Board ______ Conservation Board _____ Recreation & Youth Commission

______ Zoning Board of Appeals ______ Agricultural Advisory Committee ______ Other


Name of Board ______________________________________ Date Approved _________________________

Term to expire _________________________________ Notification mailed/emailed _____________________

Replacing ______________________________________________
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Volunteer Board Application Name: _____________________________________________

Please answer the following question.

1. Are you available to meet once monthly?_____
Do you have time to do some additional work in between meetings (a couple of hours a month)?

2. If a situation came before the Board in which you found that your personal views and values differed from the views and values of other involved town residents, elected officials or staff, how would you respond?

3. Do you have a specific, specialized knowledge, skill or professional experience that is especially relevant to the board or commission to which you are applying? Yes _____ No_____
If “Yes”, please elaborate below. (You may cite any of your relevant published reports or other written materials.)

4. Which local issues are of greatest interest to you in the Town of Dryden?

5. Most of our communications are via email. Are you able to receive and open email and/or PDF
attachments? Yes _____ No ______

6. Are you able to use web-based, file-sharing utilities (e.g. Dropbox) Yes _____ No _____

7. Are you familiar with the use and applications of geographic information systems (GIS)? Yes_____ No _____

Feel free to attach a resume or other information you believe we should be aware of.

PLEASE NOTE: This application will be reviewed by several individuals and may become available for public inspection upon proper request.