From:                              Joseph Wilson []

Sent:                               Tuesday, July 19, 2016 4:23 PM

To:                                   Daniel Lamb; Deborah Cipolla-Dennis; Bambi Avery; Kathy Servoss; Linda Lavine; Supervisor

Subject:                          Moratorium Set for Public Hearing July 21


To the Town Board Members,


I support the proposed moratorium set for public hearing July 21. The reasons stated in the draft in Sections A, B, and C of the draft moratorium include  many of the problems and issues many residents of the Town have been raising regarding our zoning law for more than a year. 


Given that NYSEG will be using eminent domain to impose the construction of a 7+ mile, "unregulated" gas pipe through the private property of about 100 Town residents for the purposes of raising gas line pressure throughout the County and for the purpose of gaining 20-years of new gas customers, the Town Board's taking the time to address inconsistencies in the current zoning law is only common sense. 


In addition, NYSEG/Iberdrola's proposed methane gas pipe is likely to create or worsen certain conditions affecting the Town's residents. These include the following: 

  • The 700,000 cubic feet per hour of gas which can run through the Pipe when burned will defeat our County-wide goals for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • This 700,000 cubic feet of gas per hour threatens to worsen the leaks and further degrade the safety of our 50+ year old county-wide gas infrastructure as documented by Cornell Professor Emeritus, Tony Ingraffea.
  • The increased use of gas which the Pipe will cause will add to air pollution, harm public health, and cause population growth which contradicts our preferred rural life-style and will substantially add to the burdens on our taxed-payer provided roads and public infrastructure--all without contributing substantially to our Town's revenue.
  • The operation of this Pipe with methane pressurized to 124 pounds per square inch also threatens the lives and property of all residents within the burn-blast zone of the Pipe--a zone which so far NYSEG/Iberdrola has been unwilling to disclose. Those threatened include at least the 100's of residents along West Dryden Road in whose front lawns the pipe will be installed as well as the fire and EMT personnel who will have to respond to Pipe-related leaks, fires, or explosions. 

Therefore it is the duty of our Town Board to make use of the moratorium to adopt standards and requirements as suggested in Section D to help protect the health, safety, community character, and general welfare of us residents.*


*I strongly suggest that these standards and requirements include those portions of The SEQR Handbook, 3rd Edition, and the The Guide to the Assessment of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in an Environmental Impact Statement which I have previously shared with you. (Both are published by the Department of Environmental Conservation.)   


Joseph M. Wilson

75 Hunt Hill Road
Ithaca NY 14850 (in the Town of Dryden)