The signs announcing that the Town of Dryden is a “Right to Farm” community, which were placed at the town’s major roadway and highway entrances in Fall of 2018, affirm Dryden’s 1992 law supporting local farming as a vital and welcome activity. Farming contributes to the quality of life here, generates economic activity, provides open space and pastoral views, and supports wildlife habitat. Dryden wishes to encourage and preserve farming traditions and stimulate the expansion of farms within its borders.

However, some common farming practices may not be well understood by new neighbors, and the year-round mechanics of maintaining and fertilizing large fields, planting and harvesting crops, and caring for livestock, may, at first, be questioned. Dryden’s Right to Farm law recognizes the potential for such conflict and is written to ensure that Dryden farmers can be free from any aggressive pressure that opposes sound agricultural practices. In writing the law, Town of Dryden elected officials followed and strengthened NYS’s Agricultural and Markets Law 25AA.