COVID-19 has shown us all how important reliable and affordable broadband internet service is for every person and business in our community.  Telecommuting and remote schooling are now part of our daily routine.  Going forward we will not be working or going to school in the same way again, but to do so without leaving anyone behind we must ensure that everybody in our community has access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet service.

In 2019 the Town Board conducted a survey to gauge interest in a Town of Dryden owned municipal broadband service. We thank you for your participation in that survey.  Approximately 90% of those who responded said that they are interested in subscribing to this service when it becomes available.

As part of the Town’s application for federal funding towards your municipal broadband project we are asking Dryden Business Owners to complete the following Business PreSubscription Form.  

The Business PreSubscription Form only asks business owners to state that their business is interested in the service.  It does not obligate any business to sign-up when service becomes available.  The information that business owners provide will help the Town of Dryden assemble a successful application for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ReConnect Program, which recently received an additional $100 million dollars in capitalization as part of the Phase 3 COVID Stimulus Bill.   We believe that Dryden can offer better, faster service at a lower price than what is currently available.  However, we stand a better chance of securing federal funding if you help by completing and submitting the Business PreSubscription Form.

Please send all completed forms by email as soon as possible to  or by mail to Jason Leifer, Supervisor, Town of Dryden, 93 E. Main St., Dryden, NY 13053.

Thank you,

Jason Leifer


Town of Dryden