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HEAP / E-HEAP Winter 2022-2023 Application Deadline Extended to March 31st


Dear Colleagues:  

We have an important update to share: the application deadline for the Home Energy Assistance Program (“HEAP”) and Emergency HEAP (“E-HEAP”) grants has been extended and is now expected to close on March 31, 2023! PULP recommends that electric and gas customers struggling financially with their utility bills apply immediately whether they own or rent their homes!

As you know, HEAP can help customers pay down heating arrears left over from the winter months or from the surges in the price of natural gas, heating fuel, propane, and electricity. Eligibility and benefits are based on income, household size, the primary heating source, and if there is the presence of a household member who is under the age of six, above sixty or older, or permanently disabled. Moreover, receipt of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (“SNAP”), Temporary Assistance (“TA”), or Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) makes a household categorically eligible for the benefit. Receipt of HEAP applies an immediate 30-day pause on shutoffs.
Additionally, an emergency benefit is also available to households that have exhausted both the regular HEAP benefit and have received a termination notice or are in danger of running out of fuel. The OTDA recently announced that a second Emergency benefit opened on February 27, 2023! PULP recommends that constituents in danger of having their heat and/or electric service terminated apply immediately!

A household might be eligible for Emergency HEAP if:  Their electric or natural gas heating service is off or is scheduled to be terminated; or  They are out of heating fuel or have less than a ten-day supply; or Their electricity service is necessary to operate the thermostat and is either off or scheduled to be terminated; and  The household is income-eligible or has received the regular HEAP, the first E-HEAP benefits, or other financial assistance programs. It is extremely important to remember that the receipt of HEAP will automatically enroll the customer into their utility company’s low-income bill discount program. The energy affordability program will further reduce the household’s monthly energy costs.  
Learn more about HEAP and apply today: NYC – or call 212-331-3126 Outside of NYC – Lastly, the utilities have already begun to apply Phase II debt relief credits to eligible customer accounts. Only residential customers who did not receive a bill relief credit in 2022, or the Emergency Rental Assistance Program or the Regular Arrears Supplement generally, are eligible for debt relief in 2023! Additionally, only debt that accrued before May 1, 2022, is eligible for relief; any debt from after May 1, 2022, will remain on the account even after bill relief is applied.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our hotline at (877) 669-2572 or email us at

Laurie Wheelock, Esq.
Executive Director and Counsel
Public Utility Law Project of New York (“PULP”)
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