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Tompkins County Announces Upcoming Civil Service Information Workshops


Tompkins County Announces Upcoming Civil Service Information Workshops

Tompkins County is hosting two free February workshops to help community members and job applicants better navigate the Civil Service career process. Tompkins County and other municipal governments are seeking candidates in several Civil Service career categories.

The workshops will explain the Civil Service process and what applicants can expect before, during, and after a Civil Service exam. Anyone considering a career in local government is encouraged to attend.

Sunday February 18, 1:30p.m.
Tompkins County Civil Service Part 1: Before the Exam
How to Find, Apply, and Prepare for Your Opportunity

Everything you need to know to start your Tompkins County Civil Service job search and prepare for your exam, how to cross-file (and if you should), and more. 

Please register in advance for the first workshop using the link 

Sunday February 25, 1:30p.m.
Tompkins County Civil Service Part 2: During and After the Exam
Tips, Timelines, The Lists, and More

Already taken your exam? All signed up and wondering what will come next? This is the workshop you won’t want to miss. Information about taking the exam, and what to expect after your test. Learn how and when you will find out your score, what the score means, other ways you may be contacted, what happens if they plan to interview you, what happens if you don’t get an interview or a job offer, and what to do if you don’t pass your exam. 

Please register in advance for the second workshop using the link 

You must register for both workshops if you plan to attend both. Each has a separate registration link.

Christopher Sponn, Executive Director of Tompkins County Workforce Development encouraged community members to consider a job in Civil Service, “Working at Tompkins County or in another local government is a great career opportunity. Civil Service jobs are stable careers with good pay where you’re contributing to the community in important ways. If you think working for one of our government departments might be the next step in your career, please sign up for these workshops. Our friendly staff will make sure you have everything you need to know to navigate Civil Service in Tompkins County.”

Tompkins County Commissioner of Human Resources Ruby Pulliam spoke about what attendees will gain from the workshops, “Our goal is to help you find the right career opportunities, understand the job postings, and become a successful applicant by showcasing your skills and knowledge through the Civil Service process. The workshops will show you what the process looks like and what you can expect during each step of the application. We’ll make sure you have resources to walk away with so you can feel prepared to apply for a Civil Service job.”

For more information, please email Cindy Sloan at, or call 607-272-7570 and leave a message asking for more information about the Civil Service workshops.

About Civil Service:

Some government career opportunities fall under Civil Service – allowing candidates to compete for those opportunities by taking an exam. The exams assess knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the job. Top scorers are given preference for job openings with that title. Civil Service is a New York State requirement for the public sector, including state and local governments.

In Tompkins County, exams are free, and guides are available to help you prepare. 

About Working at Tompkins County:

Tompkins County has nearly 800 employees working in dozens of different disciplines. Working at the County is a rewarding and impactful career. Our work is collaborative, County employees work across departments and programs to make a bigger impact and ensure services are delivered. We make a difference. Whether it is plowing 300 miles of County road or making sure families have access to nutrition benefits, County employees make a difference for our community.