Meetings are open to the public and are held at the Dryden Town Hall the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7PM.

*Note that the former Recreation Commission and former Youth Commission merged in 2013 to form the new Dryden Recreation and Youth Commission. Some documents posted on this site from past years will reflect work done by either the Recreation Commission (DRC) or Youth Commission (DYC).

Enacting Legislation for the DRYC: Recreation and Youth Commission Local Law

DRYC 2015 Report to Town Board  (presented June 2015)

The DRYC is responsible for allocating funds to Youth Development programs that serve youth in the Town of Dryden. Please check back here in the early fall for a 2015 application.

The DRYC is also responsible for allocating Dryden Community Grant funds. These funds support program and infrastructure projects at community centers and community oriented organization all over the town of Dryden. The 2014 cycle is now open, please click here for details:

2015 DRYC Annual Report
2015 Community Grants
2014 DRYC Annual Report
2014 Community Grants
2012 DYC Annual Report
2013 DRYC Annual Report
2013 DRYC Funded Programs
2014 DRYC Funded Programs


Current Members:
David Peck, Chair (2023)       Joanne Holland, Co-Vice Chair (2022)         Rhonda KowalskCo-Vice Chair (2021)

Diane Pamel (2021)                Marty Conger (2023)    Alice Green (2022)      Claudia Haferkemp-Wise (2023)

Ron Szymanski (2021)

Staff Liaisons:

Andrew Pierce, Recreation Supervisor, Town of Dryden

Kate Shanks-Booth, Tompkins County Youth Services Department

Shelley Lester, Rural Youth Services (Cornell Cooperative Extension)

Town Board Liaisons:
Loren Sparling (Leonardo Vargas-Mendez, Alternate)


Are you interested in filling a current or future vacancy on the DRYC? Here is the  Application. Return it to the Town Clerk by email or US mail at: 93 E Main St, Dryden, NY 13053.

The goal of the Dryden Recreation and Youth Commission is to provide a high quality of life for all town residents by assisting in facilitating opportunities to participate in healthy and satisfying recreation and leisure activities, and supporting and increasing access of town youth to programs that build skills, confidence, leadership, and supportive relationships with peers and adults.

The Commission also acts as an advisory body to the Recreation Department and town board, and as a liaison to the community, Dryden Central School District, the Villages of Dryden and Freeville and Tompkins County.

2009 Dryden Youth Needs Assessment
Town of Dryden Recreation Needs Assessment
Recreation Master Plan Adopted July 2011

Click here to view Conceptual Designs of the Town of Dryden Community Park: Park Designs

Some Meeting Minutes are available on-line.