Ray Burger Director of Planning  rburger@dryden.ny.us

Joy Foster Administrative  joy@dryden.ny.us

Dave Sprout, Code Enforcement/Stormwater Officer

cell (607-280-3503)   david@dryden.ny.us

Shelley Knickerbocker, Code Enforcement Officer

cell (607-882-3203)  sknickerbocker@dryden.ny.us

Department Responsibility:

To enforce Town of Dryden Zoning Ordinance, Building Codes including any permits for construction, demolition, zoning, Flood Plain Development, Subdivision Regulations, Flood Plain Administrator, Site Plan Review, Special Permits, and Village of Dryden zoning, building and fire safety.

Email: Zoning

Link to view NY Building Codes,  www.dos.ny.gov/dcea/

Forms & Permit Applications

Town required building and zoning permits, applications, and fees can be found here.

Permit Review

Special Permits, Subdivisions, Site Plan Reviews, Zoning Appeals, Applications, Relevant Correspondents

 Enforcement Actions

 Pending Board Review

Fee Schedulehttp://dryden.ny.us/departments/planning-department/code-enforcement/fee-schedule/

CE-200 Workers Compensation

Instructions: CE-200 instructions

Link for form : businessexpress.ny.gov

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