What require building permits have changed in the most recent months.  We have always required that building permits be applied for and granted for any construction of structures or buildings over 144 square feet, but most recently we have looked more closely at the local law that authorizes this office and the Town to require building permits and have concluded that the permits for new and replacement of heating appliances are required.

We have an application that is tailored for this use and for this type of permit.  We are not requiring an zoning permit since there is not any changes to the use or the type of structure or lot when the work covered under this permit is undertaken.

We have always asked for and provided inspections for any solid fuel burning appliance placed in a structure.  Most of the time the fee was not collected since there was not a permit granted.  We have since understood that the problems and concerns that the “Code” has with solid fuel appliances are similar to other heating appliances.  Those issues are the venting and the clearances from combustibles.  There are also some code regulations regarding the placement and access for performing work on the appliances.

Please do not hesitate to call the office with any questions about this and any other items that you have regarding permits and the “Code”.  We have a copy of the current New York State Code for your access.  Please call ahead so we can be prepared to answer any of your questions.  It is best to set an appointment since about 1/2 the time we are out of the office.  We look forward to serving you.

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