This 12-acre nature preserve is located in the hamlet of Etna. Sally and Walter Spofford donated it to the Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) in 1991, in memory of Sally’s first husband, Southgate Hoyt.

The trailhead is located next to the Etna Community Cemetery and is not easily noticeable at first sight. The trail starts off with a wooden path but quickly changes to a dirt path. The main path will follow a wooden bridge to cross over the creek and then climb up-hill. You can pick which direction you go, but if you stick to the trail you’ll simply come back to the same spot. There are many areas where it appears that trails once existed but have since become overgrown.

The trail is small but inviting and as you travel onwards you’ll pass the creek, numerous species of trees, open clearings, and other natural features. There are many flowers and plants throughout the area, and countless birds can be heard singing their tunes. Frogs, snakes, salamanders and turtles are hidden throughout the land, as well as chipmunks, deer, shrews, muskrats, minks, and gray fox, amongst others.

Hunting, camping, and collecting are prohibited, as are fires, horses, bikes, and other vehicles. Popular activities, on the other hand, include walking, hiking and bird watching. There is limited parking available across the road from the cemetery. This little trail is a short walk that provides many opportunities for an interesting adventure.


This trail is not handicap accessible.

Acreage: 11 acres

Trail Distance: 0.25 miles

Handicap Accessibility: not handicap accessible


Etna Trail Map

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