Energy Coordinator Work Plan:

This position was created in response to a declared need by the towns of a dedicated individual who possessed the skills and training necessary to coordinate and manage energy projects which the municipalities did not have the time or expertise to manage themselves.


Specifically the Energy Coordinator is working to achieve the tasks listed below:

Coordinator Energy Projects:

  • Facilitate technical assessments and audits for town and community facilities
  • Summarize, analyze, and recommend cost-effective approaches to achieve energy reductions and conversion to renewable energy
  • Coordinate implementation of recommendations of energy audits and oversee long-term viability of energy projects
  • Coordinate evaluations of potential for renewable energy at town-owned facilities and important community organization facilities, including wind, solar thermal, solar electric, high efficiency indoor boilers, geothermal, and biomass (wood chip or pellet) furnace

Develop Peer to Peer Collaboration:

  • Develop mechanisms to share energy reduction and conversion measures with other municipalities.
  • Facilitate inter-municipal meetings to share of energy reduction and conversion strategies.

Conduct Direct Implementation:

  • Benchmark energy consumption to establish a baseline, where applicable
  • Educate staff about how their behaviors affect energy use
  • Train staff on low-cost and no-cost energy reduction measures.