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Dryden Zoning Interactive Map

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The Official Map includes updated roads (County, Town, Village, Seasonal use, and Private), hydrography (creeks, streams,and rivers), lands use (parks, proposed parks, private preserves, and state lands), and the Jim Schug Trail and Dryden Trail (proposed). The map also depicts the Town Hall and Garage, Police Departments, Fire Departments and Parking areas located in the Town of Dryden.

-The map can be viewed in the Town Clerk’s Office, or online by clicking on the map or link above.


OFFICIAL MAP OF THE TOWN OF DRYDEN was introduced during the Feb. 11th Town Board meeting and adopted at the March 11th meeting.

UPDATE: Effective May 1, 2010  the Official Map was amended to show the agreement between Tompkins County and the Town of Dryden to swap roads.

Lake Road shall become a Town Road (County Road 157, approximately 3.47 miles)

Hanshaw Road shall become County Road 182H (Neimi Road, CR 182, to West Dryden Road, CR108, approximately 1.03 miles)

West Dryden Road shall become County Road 108 (West Dryden Road, CR 108, to the Town line, approximately 0.59 mile)

– Game Farm Road (the Town section between the County section and the Town of Ithaca section, approximately .37 miles)

Cobb Street shall become County Road 101 (the Town section between the NYS RT. 34B and the Town Line, approximately 0.57 miles)


The Official Map of the Town of Dryden, version March 2010 has been revised to show the amendments stated above.