Varna Google Earth Files:

Click and save the KMZ files below, then double click on the KMZ files to open them in Google Earth.
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Existing Buildings-

Mount Pleasant/ Rte 366 Area-   KMZ

Freese Rd/Rte 366 Area-   KMZ

Varna Rte 366 Area-    KMZ 1KMZ 2KMZ 3

Mobile Home Area-     KMZ 1KMZ 2 |   KMZ 3

Proposed Redevelopment-

Proposed Mount Pleasant/ Rte 366 Area-  KMZ


Capture, Create, and Host Images with is what the KMZ file looks like after the download process) Once the download is complete, double click on the KMZ file to open it. Google Earth will automatically load the file and bring you to the proper location.

Google Earth Tutorial

Google Earth PDF-Quick guide to KMZ files in Google Earth


Varna Character Area Map

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2010 Block Level Census Data: Varna Study Area Map

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