So why hasn’t Varna developed?

Larger housing/rental proposals have been proposed for Varna, but faced challenges from residents who live in the hamlet.  The concerns revolve around changes to the character of the area, traffic, drainage and overall issues with increased density.  Although these concerns have spurred some study of impacts, they did not create concrete answers to many of the issues, and no projects ever moved to fruition, nor did any studies answer the questions of how much impact would result from different proposals.  Through the zoning process, and through comment and concern about a current development proposal, there appears to be a mix of the same concerns from the past, as well as an equal amount of positive feelings toward “some” development.

This is true of potential or current business owners as well as landowners, and residents that would like to have more services within walking distance, as well as the pedestrian infrastructure to make that feasible.  It seems that the time is ripe for a concerted and focused planning effort that examines in detail different development scenarios creating a measure of “carrying capacity” for development in the area that could be used to formulate more detailed planning and policy for the hamlet.  This effort could alleviate concern by setting a maximum density for the area, as well as mitigation techniques for making the development more compatible with existing development.  Further, the plan could identify targets for rehabilitation and reuse of properties that contribute to the character of the hamlet, but are falling into disrepair.

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